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Franklin County Department of Emergency Services has begun a voluntary program collecting information on citizens with functional needs - Information will be used during a disaster  Press Release      Functional Needs Information Form    Versión en español/Formulario para Servicios a Necesidades Especiales

USFA releases a Fire Fighter Fatality:  Yadkinville, North Carolina

FEMA:  External Affairs Bulletin -   December 8, 2014

USFA releases 2 Fire Fighter Fatalities:   Philadelphia, Pennsylvania    Savannah, Tennesse

U. S. Fire Administration  Residential Building Fire Report 2010-2012

FEMA:  Commuter Emergency Plan

Coffee Break Training:  Administration  The Insurance Services Office

Coffee Break Training: Education as an Intervention Strategy in Youth Firesetting Intervention Program

Coffee Break Training:       Means of Egress: Handrails

Coffee Break Training:  Petroleum Crude Oil:  Implementing Response Objectives    Pressure Relief Devices        

FEMA:  External Affairs Bulletin -  November 24, 2014

Coffee Break Training:  Hazardous Materials:  Compressed Gas Cylinder Control Valve    Detonation or Deflagration

USFA releases 3 Fire Fighter Fatalities:   Cape May Court House, New Jersey   Lakeville, Ohio Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Coffee Break Training:   Petroleum Crude Oil:  Hazard Assessment and Risk Evaluations    Hazardous Materials:  Containment Pallets

Coffee Break Training:  Designing Adult Training (Part 1 of 3)  Part 2 of 3   Part 3 of 3

Pennsylvania Insurance Dept.:  Tips to Avoid a Turkey-Frying Homeowner Catastrophe

Coffee Break Training:  Hazardous Materials:  Spill Control Secondary Containment

Agility Recovery Free Webinar Nov. 20th, 2014 Sign up

USFA releases 5 Fire Fighter Fatalities:  Cinnaminson, New Jersey   St. James, New York  Brownsville, Texas    Summit, New York  Allenton, Pennsylvania

Coffee Break Training: Automatic Sprinklers   Petroleum Crude Oil: Railroad Safety

FEMA:  About the Industry Liaison Program

America's PreparAthon    Time for Kids      

PA Dept. of Health:  Ebola Information

CDC:  Fire Fighter fatality investigations

USFA releases 4 Fire Fighter Fatalities:  Sanborn, New York   Spartanburg, South Carolina  Louisville, Kentucky        Baltimore, Maryland

Critical Infrastructure Security & Resilience Month - November 2014 toolkit

Coffee Break Training:  Petroleum Crude Oil  Principles of Successful Incident Management  Hazardous Materials       Compressed Gas Cylinder

Coffee Break Training: Writing a Syllabus

FEMA:  External Affairs Bulletin    Oct 20th, 2014    Oct 27, 2014  Nov 3, 2014

USFA releases 3 Fire Fighter Fatalities:  Alton, Missouri  Peach Bottom, Pennsylvania  New Orleans, Louisiana

Ebola press release 10/18/2014

Coffee Break Training:   Fire Dynamics         Building Construction

Coffee Break Training:   A screening method of juveniles involved in firesetting

Coffee Break Training:  Automatic Sprinklers: In-Service Recalled Fire Sprinklers

DHS:  Secure Development of IT Products

USFA releases 4  Fire Fighter Fatalities : East Islip, New York   Dermott, Arkansas  Hartford, Conneticut    Sacramento, California

FEMA:  External Affairs Bulletin Sept. 22, 2014    Sept. 29, 2014

FEMA:  Private Sector  Build a Kit  Testing and Exercises

Coffee Break Training:  Building Construction:  Rooftop Smoke and Heat Vents    Roof Structure Fire Protection          Portable Extinguishers:  Monthly Inspections

Franklin County Emergency Services Open House September 13, 2014 See Attached

Joint Critical Infrastructure Partnership Webinars  Flyer  Sept. 23rd, 2014

USFA releases 5 Fire Fighter Fatalities:  Kalkaska, Michigan   Andover, New Jersey  Anderson Township, Ohio   Spring Hope, North Carolina  Campbellsville, Kentucky

CDC:  Gather emergency supplies

FEMA:  Academia & Resilience

FEMA:  External Affairs Bulletin Sept 1, 2014     Sept. 15, 2014

CDC:  Fire fighter fatality investigation and prevention program

2014 National Preparedness Month

USFA releases a Fire Fighter Fatality:  Fort Shaw, Montana

Coffee Break Training: Medical Components

Summit Health Stroke Speakers Series 2014 click here  Work Place Plans        Hazard Prevention and Deterrence

Press Release:  August 19th, 2014 Table Top Exercise

USFA releases 2  Fire Fighter Fatalities:  Vaughn, Montana   Fairbury, Nebraska

Coffee Break Training:  Medical Components of Incident Comand

U.S. Fire Administration:  NFISRGram  Really Ready

FEMA:  External Affairs Bulletin Aug. 4th, 2014            Aug. 11th, 2014

Coffee Break Training: Automatic Sprinklers Part 1    Automatic Sprinklers: Part 2   Part 3  Part 4 Part 5  Part 6

Press Release     U. S. Small Business Administration Disaster Loan  June 12th 2014 flooding

USFA releases 4  Fire Fighter Fatalities:  Lakeview, Oregon    Lecompte, Louisiana  New Carlisle, Indiana  Glendale, Kentucky

Coffee Break Training:           Medical Components of the Incident Command System  Blackouts

Coffee Break Training: " Excited Delirium Syndrome"

Coffee Break Training: ICS:  Fireline EMT  Automatic Sprinklers: Sprinkler Riser Supports

USFA releases 2 Fire Fighter Fatalities:  Houston, Texas   Ward, Colorado

FEMA:  External Affairs bulletin

IWCE Public Safety Broadband:  Webinar  July 23rd.  Click here

Coffee Break Training: Storage Practices:  Grain Elevator Explosions          Community Risk Reductions

CDC:  Drowsy Driving and Risk Behaviors

FEMA:  Protect Business Records and Inventory

Coffee Break Training:  Identification of Juveniles involved in Firesetting         Intake Process

Follow PA State Laws, Safety Guidelines when using Fireworks

USFA releases 3 Fire Fighter Fatalities: Saline, Louisiana   Brooklyn, New York  Glencoe, Kentucky

Coffee Break Training: Responder Rehabilitation Manager

Coffee Break Training:   Building Construction: Windowless Buildings 

FEMA: Monthly Flood Mapping Update Report Available Online

CDC:  Wildfires

Coffee Break Training:  Standpipe Systems: Standpipe Hose Inspections and Tests

Coffee Break Training:  Medical Unit Leader

Get Ready for a Hurricane   Severe Weather

Confidential Disaster Distress Hotline Available for Victims of Severe Weather Damage

Ready.Gov : Get Tech Ready  Emergency Alerts


Department of Aging Reminds Older Adults of Services Offered by Area Agencies on Aging   Press Release


Damage Assessment Forms


Do you have an unlisted phone number and want to receive emergency information calls?  Or would you prefer to receive the messages on your cell phone?  If so, sign up by clicking the South Central Alert button at the top left of the page.  Currently the system is based on white page listings and voluntary sign ups.  Your information will not be distributed!  Future phone messages through this system will use the following phone number, which will show up as the Caller ID:  717-217-4180.  You can also prioritize which number gets called first during self registration.  


Training documents and other information that may be helpful to those using the digital radios can be found on the Radio page.


Do you have a scanner you want to reprogram to the new county frequencies?  An analog scanner can still pick up the fire dispatch channel, but you will need a digital trunked scanner to listen to everything else.  Frequency list


ICS forms have been updated.  Go to the FEMA website to download click here.          EMI / FEMA ICS Job Aids


Are you or your family at risk if disaster strikes?  Find out by answering ten simple questions.  If you are at risk, you can fill out a couple pages of information so you will be prepared.  All this can be found on the CERT page. 



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Vial of Life Project

We proudly offer Vial of Life decals to our community for free. We feel that the Vial of Life Project is a most important program for protecting seniors and others in need.

We would like to thank American Senior Safety Medical Alarm Systems for donating these kits to our organization.