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Franklin County Department of Emergency Services has begun a voluntary program collecting information on citizens with functional needs - Information will be used during a disaster  Press Release      Functional Needs Information Form    Versión en español/Formulario para Servicios a Necesidades Especiales

Information on the Tornado Awareness and Damage Assessment classes being taught by the National Disaster Preparedness Training Center are now on the Training page.  The Registration Codes are also posted and are required to register for the class.  Class size is limited.

ICS 100 and IS 700 will be offered on April 4.  Visit the Training page to sign up for classes.  There is a link for each class to register online as well as a brief course description. 

A CPR class will be held on Wednesday, April 1 at 6pm at the Department of Emergency Services.  Online registration is available, but you may also register by calling 717-264-2813.  Registration closes 48 hours before the class.

USFA released a Fire Fighter Fatality:  Cincinnati, Ohio

Pennsylvania Insurance Department Urges Property Owners to Consider Flood Insurance& Provides Tips to Cut Premiums   Press Release

PEMA Courses  See brochure  G-775 May 4-5 and L-146 May 6-7

PEMA Courses See brochure  ICS-300 & ICS-400

Coffee Break Training: Medical Components of the ICS:  Treatment Dispatch Manager

Coffee Break Training:  Administration Intro to Building Code Effectiveness Grade Schedule   Part 1

Coffee Break Training: Public Protection Classifications for Individuals Prop.  Part 1  Part 2

6 Tips to Prepare for Blackouts

FEMA External Affairs bulletin March 9, 2015

USFA released 3 Fire Fighter Fatalities:  Clearfield, PA    Allen, Kentucky   Ashland, Mississippi

Coffee Break Training: Responder Health and Safety

Coffee Break Training:  Administration: Insurance Services Office Public Protection Classification Class 9

SBA Webinar:  Protect your Business from Spring Weather Threats   March 10, 2015 2pm

New Topical Fire Report: Fire Related Firefighter Injuries Reported to the National Fire Incident Reporting System (2010-2012)

Coffee Break Training:  Training Programs and Tips: The Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation Model

Coffee Break Training:  Emergency Medical Services:  Medical Components of the Incident Command System: Treatment Unit Leader

USFA released a Fire Fighter Fatality:  Somerset, Pennsylvania

Coffee Break Training:  Administration: The Insurance Services Office Public Protection Classification Class 8B

USFA released a Fire Fighter Fatality:  Houston, Texas

USFA released a Fire Fighter Fatality:  Duluth, Minnesota

Coffee Break Training:  Administration: Insurance Service Office Split Public Protection Classification and Class 10W

USFA released a Fire Fighter Fatality:  Macon, Georgia

Coffee Break Training:  Medical Components of the Incident Command System: Triage Unit Leader

Coffee Break Training:  Administration: Community Risk Reduction

USFA released 2 Fire Fighter Fatalities:  Centerville, Iowa     McMechan, West Virginia

Coffee Break Training:  Administration: Evaluating Water Supply for Public Protection Classification

USFA released 2 Fire Fighter Fatalities:  Montgomery, New York     Medora, Illinois

Coffee Break Training:  Fuel Hoarding and Container Sizes

USFA released 2 Fire Fighter Fatalities:  Caney, Kansas     Rosendale, Wisconsin

NIOSH Firefighter Fatality Investigation Report - West Virginia    Ready 2015

FEMA National Seasonal Preparedness 2015 Calendar   Severe Weather

Ready.Gov:  Get Tech Ready  Emergency Alerts


Damage Assessment Forms


Do you have an unlisted phone number and want to receive emergency information calls?  Or would you prefer to receive the messages on your cell phone?  If so, sign up by clicking the South Central Alert button at the top left of the page.  Currently the system is based on white page listings and voluntary sign ups.  Your information will not be distributed!  Future phone messages through this system will use the following phone number, which will show up as the Caller ID:  717-217-4180.  You can also prioritize which number gets called first during self registration.  


Training documents and other information that may be helpful to those using the digital radios can be found on the Radio page.


Do you have a scanner you want to reprogram to the new county frequencies?  An analog scanner can still pick up the fire dispatch channel, but you will need a digital trunked scanner to listen to everything else.  Frequency list


ICS forms have been updated.  Go to the FEMA website to download click here.    EMI / FEMA ICS Job Aids


Are you or your family at risk if disaster strikes?  Find out by answering ten simple questions.  If you are at risk, you can fill out a couple pages of information so you will be prepared.  All this can be found on the CERT page. 



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Vial of Life Project

We proudly offer Vial of Life decals to our community for free. We feel that the Vial of Life Project is a most important program for protecting seniors and others in need.

We would like to thank American Senior Safety Medical Alarm Systems for donating these kits to our organization.